New Applicant FAQs

When can I apply?


Once new student application forms become available on our website for a given year, you are welcome to submit a new student application package at any time. We do not have an application deadline. 

2019-20 New Student Application Forms for the current school year are available here.

Application forms for the upcoming 2020-21 school year will be available here beginning January 15, 2020. 

When are new students accepted?


Students are accepted for enrollment at Diamond School on an ongoing basis, beginning in the Spring of the same year in which you wish to have your child enrolled (ie. enrollment for September 2020 begins in Spring 2020).  While we do not have an application deadline, new student applications for a given year are processed only after re-registration of our currently enrolled students is complete, usually in late February or early March, and continues on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Is there an admissions test?


Unlike many other independent schools, standardized tests are not a part of our admissions process at Diamond School. We believe such tests are not indicative of a student's future social and academic success or potential for achievement.

What grades do you have?


We will be accepting students into Kindergarten to Grade 11 in the 2020-21 school year. Due to our small size, we have only one class in each of these grades.

Is it free to apply?


Yes, it is free to apply to our school. We do not charge an application fee. School tuition and fees are payable upon acceptance, not at time of application (ie. do not send money with your application package).

Is my child old enough to attend?


Diamond School does not have a preschool or pre-Kindergarten program. Only children born on or after January 1, 2015 are eligible for enrollment in the 2020-2021 school year. There are no exceptions to this age requirement.

When is the application deadline?


You may submit a New Student Application package at any time after the forms are available on our website. However, Offers of Admission for students new to our school community are made only after re-registration of our current students is complete. 

Complete New Student Application packages are assessed by the Admissions Committee on a rolling basis after re-registration. The Admissions Committee begins making Offers of Admission usually in late February or early March, and continues to do so throughout the spring and summer. Once a grade is full, you may still submit an application for inclusion in our Wait List Pool. If a space becomes available in your child's grade, your child's application will be assessed along with all other applications in the Wait List Pool for that grade at that time.

The school year has already started. Can I still apply?


Yes! We welcome your application at any time. However, once the school year has started it is uncommon (but not impossible!) for a space to become available. 

Occasionally a space does open up after the year has started, and when that happens our Admissions Committee reviews all complete application packages in our Wait List Pool for that school year and may provide an Offer of Admission to fill the available space.

In short, send us your application no matter when it is! We're excited you want to join us!

Can we visit the school?


Each spring we hold New Applicant Parent Information Sessions for parents and guardians of children applying for admission in the fall of the same year. See our Parent Information Sessions page for more information.

Individual school and class visits are arranged for selected applicants if a space becomes available in grades 3 and up or mid-year. The purpose of a visit is for you to meet members of our school community, learn more about our school's philosophy and program, and for us to meet both you and your child.

Due to our school's small size, we are unable to accommodate drop-ins or unscheduled visits to our school.

I applied last year. Can you hold my application for this year?


No, each school year after registration is complete we create a brand new Wait List Pool of application packages received for that school year. Our wait list is not retained from year to year. A new application package must be submitted for each school year that you apply for. 

Our general rule: New School Year = New Application Package

I applied last year. Do I get preference for admission this year?


No, each new school year the Admissions Committee reviews and considers the New Student Application packages it receives for that school year only. For example, 2020-21 New Student Application packages are reviewed independent from all applications for previous years. We do not consider whether a student's parents have applied in previous years or review admissions documents received in previous years. The Admissions Committee starts its deliberations fresh for each new school year. 

What if I still have questions?


If you still have questions about our application process, registration, or if you have a question related to your specific application, you can email our admissions and registration teams at