Parent Information Sessions

Information sessions for parents applying for their child's admission to Diamond School in September 2020 (the 2020-21 school year).


What is a Parent Information Session?

Parent Information Sessions are group information sessions intended for parents and guardians of students applying for admission to our school in the upcoming school year. These group sessions are a great opportunity for groups of prospective parents to learn about our school together and to meet current and prospective members of our school community. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and go on a guided tour of the parts of our school campus applicable to your student.   

What grades are they for?

Parent Information Sessions are divided according to the grade your student applicant is applying for. This helps us to tailor what we discuss in each session to the ages and grade levels most relevant to parents of students in those grades. 

Our most frequent sessions are for primary grades (Kindergarten to Grade 3). Due to the limited number of spaces that come available in our upper grades, information sessions for junior grades (grades 4-6) and secondary grades (grades 7-9) are less frequent and are kept intentionally small.  We do not schedule group information sessions for our graduation program grades (grades 10-12).

When are the sessions?

Parent Information Sessions are scheduled each spring between January and March based on parent demand and need. Information sessions for 2019-20 school year applicants have now been completed. Dates and times for upcoming 2020-21 information sessions that are not already full are available below as soon as they are scheduled. If there are no sessions visible below for registration, all currently scheduled sessions are full. If a space becomes available in a currently scheduled session or if a new session is scheduled, it will appear below right away.

Who can attend?

Due to space limitations, only parents and guardians of new applicant students applying for admission to our school in September 2020 may attend. Support people for parents and guardians, interpreters, and all legal guardians are of course welcome. Please register each adult attending separately below.

Please make alternate childcare arrangements for children during these sessions, as these sessions are not intended for applicant students to attend. We do not have childcare available and it is not possible to accommodate requests for applicant students to visit classrooms during the sessions. There will be an opportunity for students who are accepted to visit the school at a later date.

Is attendance required for admission?

No, attendance at a Parent Information Session is not a requirement for your child's acceptance to our school. However, attendance is a good way to learn about our school and make sure our school is a good fit for you and your child.

Do I need to register in advance to attend a session?

Yes, due to space limitations it is very important that you pre-register your intention to attend prior to actually attending an information session. Only those people who have pre-registered to attend the session will be able to participate. You can register to attend an available session below. Registration is for 1 adult only. If more than one adult is attending, you must submit a separate registration for each adult planning to attend.

I have not applied to the school yet. Can I still attend?

Yes. You do not need to have applied to our school yet in order to attend a Parent Information Session. Attending a session is a great way to learn more about our school before you apply. In the past, some parents have even brought their New Student Application packages with them to the Parent Information Session to deliver it to us in person. We're happy to receive your New Student Application package whenever you choose, whether that is before, during or after a  Parent Information Session. 

What if I can't make the session I booked?

If you are no longer able to attend the Information Session you are registered for, please let us know as soon as possible so we can open up a space for others to attend. Please send an email to requesting your registration be removed and noting your name and session date. 

What if there is a snow day?

Information Sessions will not be held on days when the school is closed due to snow or other weather events. In the event that the school is closed on the day of your Information Session, the Information Session will be cancelled. A notice will be posted on our website's Home page announcing the school closure and you will receive an email notifying you of the cancelled session. Please make sure to check our website and your email before you leave to attend the session. A new Information Session will be scheduled as soon as possible to replace any that are cancelled.

Only Information Sessions with available space will appear in the "Parent Information Sessions Available" section above. If none show up it means that all sessions are full, but don't worry! Spaces do periodically become available in our current sessions and more sessions will be held throughout the spring. Any session with available space will be available for registration above.