Registration Policies

2019 - 2020; 2020 - 2021

New Applicant Policies

Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Committee works hard to ensure the fairness of the application and admissions processes at our schools. Every application package submitted is carefully considered. As there is a high volume of new student applications each year and limited spaces available, we cannot guarantee admission to any applicants before an offer of admission is made. Registration in any grade is also contingent on sufficient enrollment in that grade.

Applications are processed according to a number of criteria, including available space, student social and academic considerations, whether a sibling has already been admitted to our school, gender equality, parental support for academic and social development, parent support and alignment with our social and educational philosophy, humanitarian grounds, and so on. None of these criteria are determinative and the presence or absence of any one factor will not trigger automatic admission. All of these considerations are weighed carefully with the goal of ensuring equality, fairness, and accepting those who would benefit from our unique educational environment and contribute positively to our school community.

Wait List Pool Policy

Although we would love to be able to offer every applicant a space at our school, we unfortunately do not have enough space to do so. This means that a considerable number of wonderful student applicants are not offered a space at Diamond School each year.

Once all spaces are full and registration for the upcoming year is complete, we maintain a Wait List Pool of qualified student applicants for that school year. While it is uncommon for a space to become available after our spring registration is complete, it does occasionally happen. In such an event, the Admissions Committee may make an Offer of Admission to a student applicant from the Wait List Pool. All applications in our Wait List Pool for that grade for that school year are reviewed according to our Admissions Policy at that time. We do not number our wait list.

Please note that a new Wait List Pool is created for each school year.  The Admissions Committee considers new student applications for each school year independent of all previous school years' applications. The Wait List Pool for a given school year consists only of application packages submitted for that school year (ie. only 2019-20 application packages will be considered for an opening in the 2019-20 year, and only 2020-21 application packages will be considered for an opening in the 2020-21 year). You will be required to complete and submit a New Student Application package for each school year that you seek admission for your new student applicant.

Returning Student Re-Registration

Re-Registration Procedure

Re-registration for students currently enrolled in our school takes place before new student registration. Parents and guardians of currently enrolled students may submit a re-registration application once re-registration begins in early spring.

If you are the parent/guardian of a student currently enrolled in our schools, please do not submit a New Student Application Form for your currently enrolled child. Re-Registration instructions for currently enrolled students are not available online. 

Late Re-Registration Applications submitted after the conclusion of the Re-Registration Period will be processed with new student applications.

Financial Accommodation

We believe that financial considerations should not determine who is able to attend our school. If you have concerns or wish to request financial accommodation, we want to work with you to find a financial accommodation tailored to your particular needs. From time to time there may also be opportunities for parents with specialized building or technology trades to engage in a service-tuition exchange. 

The first step is to write a letter to the school's Finance Committee, outlining your specialized skill, challenge, or requested accommodation. You can deliver this letter in a sealed envelop ATTN: Finance Committee to the school office. Alternatively, you may request at the school office to speak with a member of the Finance Committee and a member of the Finance Committee will reach out to you directly. All communications with the Finance Committee are confidential.