Our Registration Policies


Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Committee works hard to ensure the fairness of the registration process at our schools. Every application submitted is carefully considered. As there is a high volume of new student applications each year and limited spaces available, we cannot guarantee admission to any applicants before an admission offer is made. Registration in any grade is contingent on sufficient enrollment in that grade.

Applications are processed according to a number of criteria, including available space, student social and academic considerations, whether a sibling has already  been admitted to our schools, gender equality, date of application, parental support for academic and social development, alignment with our social and educational philosophy, humanitarian grounds, and so on. None of these criteria are determinative, and the presence or absence of any one factor cannot trigger automatic admission. All of these considerations are weighed carefully with the goal of ensuring equality and accepting those who would benefit from our unique educational environment.

Please note that standardized tests are not a part of our admissions process, as we believe such tests are not indicative of a student's future social and academic success in our schools.

Wait List Policy

If your child is not accepted during our spring registration, their application will be kept on the wait list until December 31st. You will be required to fill out another New Student Application Form when the forms for the upcoming year become available. To ensure fairness of the registration process as outlined in our Admissions Policy, we do not number our wait list.